• I have worked with Mark on a number of occasions over the past years and have found his coaching style to be very natural and professional. His experience and methodologies provided precise insights and we were able to identify clear goals and objectives for improvement which have benefitted me greatly.

    Investing the time and effort in working with Mark has been very productive and rewarding for me personally and professionally.”

    Henry Kingston
    Port Engineering Manager
  • I always looked forward to my coaching sessions with Mark. He has an ability to help create clarity in one’s mind and he helped me to tease out issues and also taught me skills that I could go back to school with and implement. Mark worked with my management team also and we are now reaping the benefits of learning how to work better as a team in the current challenging environment. Time spent with Mark is time well spent. He is a good listener and inspires confidence. I would actively encourage other principals and leaders to participate in Coaching sessions with Mark Walsh.”

    Denise O’Donovan
    Principal, Scartleigh NS. Cork
  • Mark is a seasoned business leader with over 30 years’ experience in Operations, Engineering, and Project Management. He is a strong analytic thinker, with ability to tackle complex challenges in a systematic and structured manner. Mark possesses very strong understandings of financial and operational business drivers and uses this knowledge as a basis for managing resources and prioritizing activities to achieve measurable results. He is a top performer and I would be more than happy to provide a recommendation on how Mark can help you too.”

    John Berner
    Vice President, Global Operations
  • I am delighted to have the opportunity to highly recommend Mr. Mark Walsh as a coach. As a Principal Teacher in a large Primary school, I found his empathy, guidance and professionalism a wonderful support both personally and professionally. As a teacher for over 30 years, I found my time with him to be both enriching and change making. My aspect changed and I found new energies for some initiatives and also the confidence to stop others. I really enjoyed meeting Mark and often after our sessions our discussions and analysis would shape my thoughts and actions. I returned to College, gave up some unnecessary meetings, took up a new hobby and I am grateful to Mark for his help. I think I am a happier person because I met him.”

    Rory Darcy
    School Principal
  • I have known Mark for over 19 years and I have used Mark as a Business Coach to develop and grow our Company. Mark’s strengths include his ability to build Trust and to Identify, Clarify and Prioritise Goals. At the same time, he remains focused in implementing plans to achieve the chosen Goals.

    Mark has Integrity, Intelligence and Energy and we will continue to leverage his qualities to grow our Company into the future.”

    Tadhg McCarthy QFA FLIA
    Managing Director
  • I got a recommendation as part of my UCC Masters in Personal & Management Coaching to work with Mark. He was extremely professional in his approach and made me feel totally relaxed with his style which had a significant impact on me. He challenged my thinking through his coaching, and it wasn’t just his ability to walk through the challenges with me but ideas and routines to put in place that really helped me, that is what makes Mark stand out as a coach. He has guided me through the creation of some great actions in support of my ongoing development. If you are looking for a professional coach who is insightful, supportive, non-judgemental and a joy to talk to then Mark is the coach I recommend.”

    Michael Noonan
    Director of Capacity Expansion & Major Projects