Personal Coaching:

Personal Coaching is centred on the individual and their agenda, as a unique person. Sometimes, this might be referred to as ‘Life’ Coaching. While the individual is at the heart of all forms of coaching (E.g. Leadership, Management, Performance, etc), the context can be quite different. The core areas explored may be similar, but often personal coaching can focus on our personal lives and associated challenges, how we balance and enhance the different aspect of our daily living.

Key Features:

  • Creation of safe and confidential space
  • Empathic, Challenging Coach, rich in life experience
  • Understanding the client’s reality and context
  • Uncovering and removing the obstacles to change
  • Total focus on the client’s needs
  • Creating a realistic plan for success
  • Building self-awareness and clarity of purpose
  • Psychometric Assessment options, including EQi2 and 15FQ+

Who Would Benefit?

Those who wish to further develop their potential and make positive and lasting change.