Leading in Uncertain Times

I’m sitting at my desk (home office), having just sent many of my coaching clients a brief note to check on how they are and to remind them that support (at a distance) continues to be available. Uncertainty makes leadership more difficult, and the more uncertainty, the greater the challenge.

  • How can I plan when I don’t have the key information I need?
  • How can I reassure my Team that things will work out?
  • How can I continue to lead and support with authenticity in these uncertain times?
  • How can I manage my own thoughts and responses effectively?
  • How can I maintain a flexible and positive outlook in the face of adversity?

Using our, often latent, resources of emotional intelligence can help. Here’s a very simple way of looking at how to leverage our emotional intelligence in today’s climate:

  1. Dealing in Fact – Seeing things as they ARE, not as we THINK they are. Be clear on what we know for certain and ensure that clarity and transparency is shared. Continue to question and discourage unfounded ‘facts’.
  2. Dealing in Possibility – Seeing things as they COULD be. Be open to the options that are always available. Challenge yourself and other to explore those options, to look beyond the reasons why we can’t do this or that. Encourage flexibility of thinking.
  3. Dealing in Uncertainty – Now that you can see some options, work to make those possibilities a REALITY. Doing something different or unfamiliar means we need to step outside our comfort zone and become better able to deal in uncertainty. It means, perhaps, being more comfortable (less stressed) with reduced control. It means being courageous, without being reckless and it means bringing your Team with you – because, once they understand where you’re going, they will support you.

The one thing I am certain about is that we will emerge stronger from these difficult times. So, if that’s a FACT, let’s look at the POSSIBILITIES in the meantime and find the courage to accept some UNCERTAINTY.

Take Care.


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